This is us!



The Turtle has always been there, watching from the very first day humans stepped foot on this planet. He cheered when you discovered fire, he cried when you suffered your first burn, and he even laughed as you stumbled your way into enlightenment.

Years have passed now and in those years The Turtle has watched the world turn and decay, into a cesspool of privilege and entitlement. Uneducated bastards, dictate who should have privilege, what lives matter and what ones don’t, and that everyone should win…….even when they lose. In short, IT’S BULL’S PIZZLE, MR. BARRY! So the question is, how do we incite change? real, uncensored, bring the world to a fucking halt change. The answer is here, at this very site. Every day,every week, every time I feel like it, I’ll post up a rant, a quip, a short story should I choose. These will be offensive to many, hilarious to some, and downright disgusting to all, but that isn’t what is important. What IS important is that you take it all in, digest it, and spit it back up! Talk about it! Argue about it! Email me and tell me what a scum bag I am! But most importantly, you stop ignoring the problem! So, here it is kids, the site is live and ever changing. Strap in and wad up your panties, we’re taking off!

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